Other Reasons to Pump Septic Tanks.

Sewage Backups: You should pump the septic tank before it is backing up in to the house or onto the lawn.

By this time, pumping the tank is usually a short term remedy. The reason for the backup needs to be determined.

Quite often a septic tank that has been neglected will backup because the distribution lines and or drainfield has clogged with sludge.

The solution ends up being a major repair or expensive replacement.

Septic Effluent on the Lawn: strong septic odor or effluent puddles on the lawn in the drainfield area is a good indicator of septic tank problem. This will motivate people to pump their septic tank, but pumping the tank now is a very temporary solution. Effluent on the lawn indicates that a major repair or replacement is necessary.

For septic tank or system problems like these contact Carl's Septic Service, Inc.

Sale of the House: Many times a realtor will recommend that the septic tank be pumped out prior to the sale of a home. It is a good idea to do this in conjunction with the septic inspection survey that is required with a real estate closing.

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