Will Septic Tank Additives Eliminate Pumping?

No! Septic tank additives and treatments will not eliminate routine pumping. It is not possible to eliminate pumping your septic tank by using additives. No matter how efficient a bacteria additive is, there will always be a buildup of inorganic matter at the bottom of the septic tank.

What is the purpose of using additives in my septic tank and system? . . .

To promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the septic tank.

Healthy bacteria is essential for proper septic tank operation. Healthy bacteria digests organic waste.

Isn't the bacteria in the waste water good enough?

Not always. Because the typical home-care products that we use kill bacteria before they even get to the septic tank!

You probably have noticed that most home-care products boast about their antibacterial or sanitizing benefits. While that is good for sterilizing your home, it is not good for the health of your septic tank and system.

If you check the labels of most of these products you will find words like:

Disinfectant: "a means for destroying bacteria."

Antiseptic: "any substance that inhibits the action of bacteria".

Sterilize: "to cleanse by destroying microorganisms".

Germicidal: "an agent for killing bacteria".

With cleaning products like these, it's no wonder there are so many failed or failing septic systems!

contaminated tank

So what am I saying?

The Cleaner the Home,
The More Dead the Tank!

No, I'm not telling you to stop cleaning your home. What I am saying is that you need to:

  • minimize the use of these strong cleaning chemicals
  • switch to biodegradable home-care products
  • Use a high quality bacteria and enzyme septic tank treatment such as CCLS Septic Tank Treatment.
  • A regular addition of CCLS "the Original" bacteria septic tank additive. CCLS is USDA approved, and has been used in households like yours since 1976.

    Carl's Septic Service, Inc. recommends CCLS to all of my residential customers. Why? . . . Because it Works!

    CCLS bottles

    How Does it Work?

    The bacteria present produce enzymes that break down organic solid material into food for the bacteria. The bacteria digest this material and use the food to multiply and produce enzymes. This cycle continues until the waste has been completely digested, leaving the area free of solids, free-flowing, and odor free.

    What are the Advantages of Using CCLS?

    CCLS is formulated from naturally occurring organisms. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-corrosive, non-combustible. It emits no odors or harmful fumes. It will not harm the skin. It will not harm humans or pets, although not intended for human consumption. CCLS contains no acids, caustics, chloride, or volatile organic compounds. CCLS is biodegradable, is safe for the environment, and is completely safe to store and use in the home when used according to directions.

    Purposes of CCLS are:

    Maintain septic systems

    Digest waste

    Unclog plumbing waste lines

    Eliminate odors

    Reduce organic buildup

    CCLS is also effective on controlling pet odors, garbage bins,diaper pails, and other areas of organic odors. Just dab CCLS full-strength or spray on affected areas.

    More information about CCLS can be found by visiting Cape Cod Biochemical Company.
    Start treating your septic tank today! Contact Carl's Septic Service, Inc. to place your order of CCLS Septic Tank Additive and receive your 15% web site discount. Shipping charges may apply.

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